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Who We Are

Sysamiva Video is a motion picture production and post company.

 The company owned by the producer/director Michael R. Ikhimokpa .Sysamiva Video comprised of a talented team of Video makers and post production professionals. Ad agencies, record labels, corporate clients and municipalities have come to rely on Sysamiva for beautiful and effective broadcast, web-based visual media and branded entertainment content. Sysamiva also develops deployment strategies utilizing social media for clients.

On the post side, Sysamiva features editing suites running Motion, DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premier, Compos Youtube Movie Maker . Sysamiva is located in West Houston.

What we Provide

 Award-winning artists, cutting edge technology and a 4K production pipeline. Three suites running Adobe Premier, Composer , DaVinci Resolve color grading, and more. allow our clients to work with our artists in realtime on footage as large and deep as 6k Red Raw and Cyberlink Power Director Youtube Movie Maker .. Reference grade broadcast monitors in our suites not only let you and our artists see every pixel but give you a great deal of control over the final look and feel of your production.   

 Premier, After Effects, Photoshop, Audition Very simply, I tell stories though: Videography & Video Production Video Post Production (Editing and Graphics) Photography Graphic Design event coverage small business tv commercials music video Television, internet, website video production Entrepreneurial marketing / commercials Educational audio and video production for business and personal applications Raw footage and post-production editing Music video production Still and motion graphics Cinematography and photography My mission is to tell your story in an engaging way that will connect you to your audience. With the rise of social media, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other sites, today, you need more than just a website and a press release to stand out. You need to be present in your target audiences news feed. I can conceive and produce an entire project with my select team of subcontractors and partners or you could just hire me to collaborate (shoot/design/edit) on part of a project. Small Business Videos Business is predicated upon one thing above all others: relationships. Why not initiate that relationship from a prospect's first inkling of interest with a video that expresses who you are and what you do? There is simply no better way to simultaneously convey the information that an interested party is seeking, while tapping into the fact that we are a social species that craves faces and stories. And, a business video does just that: attractively and effectively markets your business, while satisfying a viewer's emotional interest in the people behind that business. Whether you are a main street boutique, a cosmopolitan cosmetic service provider, or a suburban contractor, utilizing the power of video will ratchet your business up to the next stage of its marketing evolution.


Adobe Premier

DaVinci Resolve

Final Cut Pro


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NEW!  Helo Watch

The Helo watch is a revolutionary health product helping save lives. ​ Utilising TOSHIBA technologies ​ Recently the company released their flagship product the HELO smart watch and the HELO App. ​ It monitors vital signs and suggests tips to improve the lifestyle, with checks in real time for heart rate, blood pressure, breath rate, ECG and many other vital signs. ​ Designed by Antonio De Rosa, SVP Marketing and Communication, and engineered by Alfonso Cioffi, SVP Product Development, the new WORLD product is really a category creator.


Professional Streamers

We specialized in IP-based live video services and broadcast solutions for acquisition, management and distribution. We are professional Streamers:- We provide a full range of IP-based video uplink services and streaming solutions. Our technology LRT (LiveU Relieable Transport) protocol is optimized for video performance and delivers rock solid video streams using LRT’s integral adaptive bit rate and error correction technology

An elegant platform for video business management

Our platform lets you publish and monetize all of your video content using a single interface. Discover audience insights, activate untapped audiences, and distribute your video content across your own branded video destinations on all devices and platforms.

Live Streaming

We are happy to provide you with an integrated 'glass to glass' live streaming solution that delivers the highest possible quality and reliability to anyone, anywhere."

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Join a long list of professionals using out technology for a high-quality, robust live video stream: Publishers, influencers, Photographers, Educators, Vloggers

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Internet Broadcasting P~~waves 98.9

P~~wave is an Internet Broadcasting music radio station. It is located in Houston, Texas USA. It keeps listeners informed with a variety of shows 7 days a week. Their shows range from latest news, latest sports news and much more. It is very popular due to its colorful programs. Its all programs are in English language. You can also listen weather news and all local and global news.










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NEW!  We now use GoSolo Live!

The LiveU Solo video encoder offers one-touch, wireless streaming, directly from your camera to Facebook Live and delivers professional quality live video streams without a large crew, lots of equipment or steep learning curve. LiveU Solo lets online broadcasters of all sizes live stream HD video content directly to any online video provider - from anywhere.