MUSIC Videos.

Gratis, non-commercial videos showcasing the relationship between sound, story, and visuals.


This is my first music video involving a character with a specific and tangible story. A story that can be applicable to all of us, in some way or another. Filming took place at 3 locations, over 3 separate days (~10 hours total). Post Production (editing and color correction) took approximately 15 hours. Concept and storyboard took bouts of inspiration and rejection over the course of 5 days. 2014


Music video for Daughter's 'Shallows' from their 2013 Album: If You Leave. This music video dealt with a more abstract plot, which provided the lyrics to be at the forefront, as visual representations. My imagery derived from the title was based on the following ideas: The Shallows isn't a place in our reality. It's a land typified of purgatory, in which the self finds. It is a place of death and rebirth, conflict and resolve, old and new. The video portrays a girl, the representative 'soul', at different stages of life, a journey of self-renewal. The dichotomy of black and white illustrate these stages and struggles. The flowers sacrificed at the start of the video are the old habits, ways, thoughts, and burdens. In the end, white roses bloom from the waters to signify a new beginning. ​ 2013


Sixties influence and frame by frame text animation join to make a snappy music video snippet. It can act as a foundation for a lyric video or music advert. 2010


Simplicity and summertime influence this story; frame by frame text animation showcases the lyrics and offers greater liveliness to the cinematography and setting of this carefree song. 2012


Entry for The Maine's 'Into Your Arms' video contest. I tried to focus on the song as a whole, (text animation) alongside the lyrical story. During this time, animated lyric videos were not popular or even present for single releases online, to my knowledge. My concepts were ahead of the trend which is still popular even now. 2009