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A new kind of Media management

 Sysamiva Media is a full-service media agency that helps brands tell their stories and stay connected We are dedicated to exceeding our customers' expectations by leveraging value-rich Internet services into maximum profitability opportunities. with their audience. We’re committed to creating innovative and useful digital solutions for our clients.

As a company we have over 10 years of experience management media with innovations in Audio Productions and Streaming. For total content availability, Sysamiva automates live streaming, on-demand playback and downloadable podcasts.

Sysamiva focuses on four key markets to market our Media solutions to:

     *  Audio Productions
     *  Film/Video Productions
     *  Video Streaming
     *  Internet Broadcasting

 We maximize user / listener engagement through ease of use, content availability and social networking.

We help our clients take on the changes in their industries, largely as they relate to technology, creativity and innovation.

Our capabilities in technology consulting, experience design, marketing communication and implementation, have helped us to deliver measurable results for clients’ brands and positions in the marketplace.

The company has set itself the goal of becoming a leading full-service media company anywhere and every where …We are Global and chosen smartness – convenience and savings (in time and cost) – as a measure of success for all if its endeavors.

 We offer a wide range of premium digital media tools and solutions; compelling contents across media channels as diverse as audio, video and filming, Internet Broadcasting with core offerings that appeal to a global audience.

 We believe successful digital interaction is not complicated. We believe in and deliver a consistent approach that makes perfect sense to our clients. This approach is about listening, understanding, imagining and creating. 

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